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Tuesday 12 October 2021

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Welcome to TEDxSouthampton 2021

Join us on Tuesday 12 October 2021 for TEDxSouthampton. This all-day event will feature creative, thought-provoking inspiration around our theme of Human to Human Connection in all its forms and includes a focus on Innovation, Connectedness and Personal Potential.

How can we embrace our personal capital and be more vulnerable, showcasing our human side? How can we challenge ourselves, overcome adversity and champion our own growth and potential? How can we recognise and tap into the greatness that comes from being human?

TEDxSouthampton 2021 will feature twelve hand-picked speakers and performers who seek to inspire and create discussion around all elements of our theme. Ticket holders will receive complimentary refreshments over the course of the day, benefit from breakouts for discussion and celebrate the success of the event at our informal after party.

Event Sponsors

Headline Sponsor

Aura Technology provides proactive managed IT services for businesses that need stability, strong networks, and limited interruptions. They pride themselves on their strategic approach, which is why their customers believe that they stand out from the rest of the market.

They are passionate about what they do and believe their services truly help businesses succeed by providing IT solutions that meet their needs. A BIG thank you to Aura Technology for their generosity.

Mayflower Theatre is the biggest theatre on the South Coast with just over 2,270 seats in their auditorium. Their aim is to bring a diverse range of shows to Southampton, and present a mixture of spectacular touring productions, from musicals – many direct from the West End – to dance, opera, drama, ballet and comedy. We were overwhelmed to have had Mayflower as our audition host, and as a continual event supporter.

Harbour Hotel Southampton is Southampton’s only 5-star hotel, offering 119 luxury rooms including 10 suites, an award-winning restaurant, a luxury spa with a state-of-the-art gym, a destination rooftop bar, and stunning contemporary interiors throughout. We are thrilled to have Harbour Hotel as our TEDxSouthampton event host.

BDB Pitmans is a law firm that cares about doing things right and well so individuals, businesses, charities and the public sector do well too.

At BDB Pitmans, BUILDING BETTER is about helping shape what’s important to people and society. Working constructively with their colleagues and clients and by explaining things clearly in a friendly and approachable way. They are proud of the way they do business and believe it’s the way all business should be done. A huge thank you to BDP Pitman for their generosity.


TEDx Southampton Co-Curator’s Statement

Southampton is a great city and deserves to be showcased on an international stage. TEDxSouthampton 2021 will offer thought leaders, communities and individuals an opportunity to make their mark, give back and foster a positive outcome for themselves, the attendees and the wider audience. We are committed to putting on a great event, with many exciting plans unfolding to make this a unique and experiential event for all involved.

Our speakers have not been chosen from an elite few. After announcing the event we have been thrilled to receive over 100 applications. We could not have sought out all these speakers ourselves, and want to thank them for coming forward and challenging themselves in the cause of inspiring others. Our final speakers have been put through their paces and each has a totally unique, innovative and human-centred point of view which will leave attendees inspired and motivated.

– Lee Peck & Annelies James-Ryan


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The TEDxSouthampton Team

The Theme:

Human To Human

Our theme of Human To Human connection is the bedrock of the TEDxSouthampton 2021 event. We put out an open call to find the best, most inspiring speakers possible. We were incredibly lucky to receive almost 100 applications from incredible local talent as well as international thought-leaders who want to invest in this opportunity to share ideas with the world.

The Sponsors

The organisers of TEDxSouthampton have announced the main sponsors as momentum builds for the famous TEDTalks coming to the south coast.

With the theme of Human to Human Connection – embracing innovation, being connected and personal potential – the all-day live event will feature 12 outstanding speakers. It will be held at the Southampton Harbour Hotel on Tuesday October 12 and tickets, which will be limited to around 100, will be released soon.

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The Venue

TEDxSouthampton 2021 will be held in the stunning BOW event room at the Harbour Hotel Southampton.

Since its opening in 2017, it remains the only 5 Star venue in the city and has become synonymous with Southampton’s business and economic success.

The Harbour Hotel Southampton also offers 119 luxury rooms including 10 suites, an award-winning restaurant, a luxury spa with a state-of-the-art gym, a destination rooftop bar, and stunning contemporary interiors throughout – ideal for any guests travelling to experience this year’s TEDxSouthampton event.

Event Hosts

Michael Kurn presenter TEDx Southampton

Michael Kurn


Southampton born a bred TV presenter and broadcaster Michael Kurn has so far had a career that has taken him across the globe. From major sporting events including the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and FIH Hockey World Cup, to working with national and international broadcasters including the Star Sports (India), Super Sport (Africa), Mola TV (Indonesia), BBC and Talk Sport.

Locally you may have seen Michael working for Southampton Football Club and Hampshire Cricket on a match day or at one of the numerous local events he is involved with.

Michael is also an author with his laster book “Life Of A Saint” released in March 2020 and is also the founder of Desire Dream Vision.

Aryana Neo TEDx Southampton Presenter

Aryana Neo


Aryana Neo is a Presenter and Business Engagement Manager, working for BBC Radio Solent, Unity 101 FM and GO! Southampton – the cities business improvement district.

She is an advocate for female empowerment and is passionate about giving diverse communities a voice to be heard. With a background in law and finance, working closely with the cities senior leaders, Aryana helps businesses and encourages positive change.

A fun fact about Aryana; she is an experienced pageant queen, winning UK titles which have taken her around the world.

TEDx Southampton 2021 Speakers

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Michelle Enjoli Beato

Michelle Enjoli Beato

The Most Important Connection To Make For Success

Michelle is a bilingual international speaker and founder of Connect, a coaching program designed to assist students, professionals and leaders on how to connect in order to achieve professional success. While studying journalism in college, Michelle aspired to become a producer in NYC and landed her dream job before she obtained her degree. She’s done work for major television networks and global brands including Univision, Telemundo, ABC, NBC, CBS, Mercedes-Benz and Delta Air Lines. While at Mercedes-Benz, she founded a business resource group called Connect that facilitated 1:1 sessions, events and workshops to help professionals connect with leaders in their field of interest. Michelle continues to expand on her work today as a coach and speaks at events and conferences for students, professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Removing life's BS filters!

Straight talking, zero BS digital marketer with a flair for saying what most people think but dare not say. Founder of both a software and marketing business, Chris has forged a very loyal following across social media with his quick wit, challenging content and fearless approach to marketing.

A former Police Officer turned social commentator on all things online, Chris challenges the perception of the social norm while encouraging everyone to #MakeADifferentNoise

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Benjamin Western

Benjamin Western

Let's Build A National Community Service

Benjamin’s work is centred on encouraging people and organisations to use their greatest gifts to build a kinder world. Inspired by his Grandad Harry Hanks boundless commitment to support marginalised groups, Benjamin’s hope is to follow in his footsteps to include the excluded and return hate with love. He is the founder of Join the Gaggle and The Shining Light Project.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Lou Banks

Lou Banks

Curiosity Cured The Fakeaholic

With 25 years of experience in operations and business coaching, Lou Banks is Founder and CEO of Rising Vibe Ltd and has developed one mission‚ to use emotion to drive change. It’s about being ok, with not being ok. It’s about building trust so that we feel safe to share how we really feel. It’s about feeling better so that we do better. Getting to grips with emotion is the game-changer that can allow us to reach our true potential. Lou speaks to the individual. An articulate, high energy communicator, she gets right to the heart of the issue, unafraid to challenge and quick to inspire. She makes real connections with real people, challenging mindset to enhance performance, balancing soft skills with a heavy dose of reality.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Adele Deasy

Adele Deasy

Don't Dilute Yourself

Adele’s world of work has, for the most part, been immersed in education; firstly a science teacher through to secondary Headteacher. Now she finds herself as the director of her own business, Plan A Dynamic Consulting. Adele uses her experience and love of learning to develop others with motivational consultancy. Starting a business has taught her how to take risks and she loves the creativity of channelling her work into the heart of what matters. The golden thread of motivational kindness, unlocks human potential and enables others to be the best version of themselves without fear of risk or rejection. This is the human relationship that she tries to foster and encourage in others. Rise because you are great, there is no need to dilute yourself for the uplifting of others.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Russell Streeter

Russell Streeter

How To Save A Life

Russell is a finance leader with nearly two decades experience in insurance and financial services. He is also a member of Toastmasters International, a non-profit organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills and he helps to support Toastmasters clubs in southern Hampshire. His outlook on life has been dramatically shaped by his family’s experience of childhood cancer. Russell’s talk is a powerful and emotional story about Human to Human Connection when a family member is seriously ill. He shares the important lessons he has learnt and discusses the vital contributions that everyone can make in such circumstances to save lives.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Laura Payne-Stanley

Laura Payne-Stanley

What The Art Of Seduction Can Teach Us About Customer Experience

Laura Payne-Stanley is a sought-after international speaker and go-to expert on branding, success and mindset, who has been published in Huffington Post and Thrive Global.

An award-winning serial entrepreneur and success consultant, Laura has spent a decade developing a diverse toolkit to help entrepreneurs master the inner work necessary to build wildly successful businesses and lives they truly love.

A certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Coach and Master Hypnotherapist, she is also co-founder of Elevate – the agency for experts specialising in online learning solutions. Her background includes a degree in communications and more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing, working with brands ranging from Ann Summers to national park authorities.

She refers to herself as the velvet hammer; warm and fuzzy, yes, but impactful – a powerful combination which results in both great relationships, and meaningful mindset shifts for her clients.

When not working, Laura loves spending time with her husband, completing their latest house renovation project and brewing proper coffee.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Paul Kinkaid

Paul Kinkaid

Forensic Leadership - The Traces We Leave Behind

A veteran Army Commando and Lieutenant Colonel Paul has led elite teams on 5 of the world’s 7 continents, and in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. He has led under fire, coached UK Ambassadors overseas and even broken his back in a training accident. In 2017 he set up Selfless Leadership Group to create leaders that other people turn to and reduce the number of good people that leave bad bosses.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Will James

Will James

What We Need To Unlearn To Unlock Belonging

Now a coach and consultant to organisations, Will believes that what he’s learned about creating environments in which people thrive is vitally relevant in this cultural moment: the need to re-frame hierarchies built on yesterday’s values and beliefs before everyone can feel that they belong in the physical, social and psychological structures they’ve created. In this short talk Will presents what he thinks we can all do to help us create a more inclusive culture.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Matt Desmier

Matt Desmier

Is The Future Really All That Different?

A seemingly insatiable curiosity, distinctive laugh and unique dress sense are three of Desmier’s more prominent features, but it’s his ability to as a branding strategist that truly sets him apart from his peers. Having originally trained as a designer, Matt guides businesses through understand their positioning, their messaging and their audience’s motivations, often helping authentic brands emerge. Once upon a time considered as an influential digital champion in the UK, Matt is an alumni of the British Interactive Media Associations’ Top 100, the UK’s Digital Leaders Top 100 and the Maserati Top 100, and his counsel has been sought by the likes of 10 Downing Street and St James’ Palace, as well some other far less prestigious organisations. And when he’s not busy running around helping brands, he’s busy running around picking up after his two young children or, as a keen runner, he’s just busy running.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Dee Caffari

Dee Caffari MBE

The Power Of What Is Not Said

Dee Caffari MBE is the only woman to have sailed solo, non-stop, around the world in both directions and has now sailed around the world a total of six times. Originally a secondary school physical education teacher, Dee made the decision to change careers in 2000 as the desire for adventure, travel and experiencing new environments took hold. Dee’s sailing career saw her become one of the most successful and recognised British offshore sailors.  As an ocean advocate experiencing the impact on our Ocean‚ Health and at sea. She highlights the vital importance of reducing our dependence on plastics, inspiring people to take action in their day to day lives and advising businesses, events and organisations on becoming more sustainable.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Geoffrey Tumlin

Geoffrey Tumlin

How Negative Feedback Changed my Life

Geoffrey Tumlin is the CEO of Mouthpeace Consulting LLC, and is the author of Stop Talking, Start Communicating, published internationally by McGraw-Hill. Geoffrey is an expert on communication, leadership, and group performance, and his ideas have been featured in many media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Fortune.com, CNNMoney, the Globe and Mail, and SiriusXM radio. Geoffrey’s scholarly writing has appeared in journals and textbooks including the International Leadership Journal, Discourse Studies, and the Encyclopedia of Leadership. Geoffrey holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Geoffrey has worked with companies of all sizes across diverse industries, including Dow Chemical, the Houston Grand Opera, the United States Corps of Engineers, Tripler Army Hospital, Boston Scientific, and the Reeves County Hospital District. He advises corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations throughout the world.

TEDxSouthampton Speaker Johanna Hooper

Johanna Hooper

Building YOUR Resilience

Johanna Hooper owns Limitless Peak Performance, a coaching and consultancy practice.   As a consultant, Johanna helps organisations design and build their future workforce.  As a coach, her focus is on‚ The Inner Game, helping leaders manage stress and confidence to perform at their best. A former Naval Officer, Johanna has had many experiences that tested her own leadership effectiveness as a result of stress and confidence.  To be really effective as leaders, we need to get beneath the surface of why we behave the way we do.  Only then can we make lasting and meaningful change. The results of Johanna’s coaching approach are personal, powerful and permanent.

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Tickets will be available from 10am Monday 30th August. Please visit Eventbrite to book your place. We look forward to seeing you there!

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