9:30am Doors
10:00am Welcome to TEDx Southampton
10:15am Michelle Enjoli Beato The Most Important Connection To Make For Success
10:35am Paul Kinkaid Forensic Leadership – The Traces We Leave Behind
11:00am Benjamin Western Let’s Build A National Community Service
11:25am Refreshment Break
11:50am Lou Banks Curiosity Cured The Fakeaholic
12:20pm Adele Deasy Don’t Dilute Yourself
12:40pm Russell Streeter How To Save A Life
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Laura Payne-Stanley What The Art Of Seduction Can Teach Us About Customer Experience
2:20pm Chris Williams Removing Life’s BS filters!
2:40pm Johanna Hooper Building YOUR Resilience
3:00pm Will James What We Need To Unlearn To Unlock Belonging
3:20pm Refreshment Break
3:45pm Matt Desmier Is The Future Really All That Different?
4:05pm Dee Caffari The Power Of What Is Not Said
4:25 Geoffrey Tumlin How Negative Feedback Changed my Life
5:00pm Close